No Water for Women Wednesday. 

During Love Month, February, 2018.


I will start with saying that this is, BY FAR, the most intense thing I have ever done in my life, and I promise myself to continue the rest of my life incorporating DRY Fasts. I believe there are things specifically designed in nature for a reason. Just wait a second now and think about it.  One more second. . .  now.

Fasting is so very important. The world would completely change. Real quick. if We All Just fasted More. WOW.  Especially dry fasts.  The way modern society Wastes and disrespects water is astounding.  People are always so amazed that I would attempt to NOT contact water.  But I didn’t pull off a true Hard Dry Fast.  No I didn’t. Only SOFT.  See, Hard means no Contact whatsoever.  I only purely abstained from Drinking water… and then some. I Spit Out excess saliva, for an added Mental strategy.   I went into it with a Strategy, knowing that I wanted to make an impact on my human-“ness” and learn something.


This Month-Long Journey has so Much to unpack and has brought so much insight for I that I will break it down in to several sections below.


Dry-Fasting.  Soft Dry Fast.  (-1-)

You might not have ever heard of dry fasting. I mean, I never new about it until this past November (2017) and I have been using fasting, water fasting, off and on for the past 5 years already.  It wasn’t until I found Cole Robinson and his Snake Diet Protocol that I learned about Dry fasting. That was during the No Food November Challenge that I partook in and broke my Fasting record fasting for 7 days. I then broke that record and made it a solid 8 Days without food right after Christmas.  I had promised to commit to a fasting focused life style, relying mostly on Intermittent Fasting daily and entering open ended fasts regularly.


Why I did what I did. (-2-)

First; because of My sex addiction. Second, because I know how sick our society is.  I know addicts, I live the life of a committed Recovering SEX ADDICT and without surrendering to a higher power I lose.  I know that fasting makes me a better person, and it opens me up. It takes away barriers. Food, poison, medicine and negativity are all earthly, thing. Things that are absorbed by our bodies and minds. THINGS. Our bodies are meant to be Vessels NNNot portable garbage dumps. If what we are is what we eat than we are what we shit, and that is fucked.  We are living in Garbage and Shit.(I may not have painted the best picture but just sit and think about it.  Maybe reread this whole paragraph a few times.) Breathing toxicity, drinking it. Absorbing it through the skin.  The less toxicity I absorb the more freedom my body has thus giving more energy to the mind. Creating a higher body to Mind connection allowing for more intense meditation.  This is hard to describe and I don’t have any proof, just my experience.


So if anything I have said so far is making you scratch your head or maybe you think some of what I am saying is crazy talk. Just think about this one perspective; if everyone on the planet would fast periodically like for Ramadan, for example but more often and maybe more intensely think about the effects.


First, maybe you need to embark on a personal journey and prepare for a 3 days fast… I dare you to search YouTube Vlogs for “3 Day Water Fast.”


Meditation (-3-)

The Spitting was a great metaphor for so many reasons.  Water and Woman. I needed to do this for my spiritual needs and as a Masculine Entity on this Planet. Heavy meditation triggered by spitting out my saliva.   I have never encountered such a cotton-mouth, believe me, you, better believe. ME. Believe…


Nothing quite brings focus into your life like Fasting, and Dry fasting is another LEVEL. So why fast for women?  That’s what people wonder, right?  I have realized from fasting and working the 12 steps, and then combining fasting and Steps have shown me a way to healing and connecting to My Higher Power.  Addiction is a brain disease and Fasting does wonders for the brain. Wonders.  Not only does Fasting help with brain function it also promotes full Body rejuvenation and DNA repair.  So just with those 3 reasons to Fast I will continue to Fast until my time on Earth is up.   We are designed to Fast. I believe it is our duty to Fast and live a Fasting Focused Life Style.  Not only does it promote the health of our bodies, but of our minds and souls and naturally it will help in restoring our ecosystem, our Home, Planet earth.   Less consumption means less destruction, less waste, less toxicity.




FAST (-4-)

So I dry Fasted 6 Wednesdays in a Row.  The Wednesday Before February I did my first full day Dry which was 23.5 hours.  I did a workout and had a few coconut waters.  It was the most refreshing drink and my body absorbed it so fast it was something I never experienced before and the following weeks just got more intense and deeper within.  I worked my way up to doing a 47 hour soft-Dry Fast and that was incredible. The body is magnificent and we have no idea what awaits us when we push boundaries.  What the universe is waiting to teach us.


Objectification (-5-)

One thing that I have learned, and continue to learn about is how I objectify people.

Objectification is so common today in our New Age/Western Society. Advertising is a wonderful way to understand one aspect of this poisonous mindset.  Using people (beautiful people) to sell. How often do you see a beautiful woman on a billboard or in a commercial selling Sex to get you to buy booze, cars, condoms, clothes a lifestyle…

Big Corporations know that they can latch on to the consumer’s basic survival instinct of Procreation.  They will Get into our lizard brain and make a little extra blood flow to our SEX organs and for some of us that is a trigger. Sexy commercials will trigger us Sex addicts.  That is just one Red Flag of countless red Flags our society is ignoring.


Sex is a part of our life; we should embrace it, shouldn’t we? Embrace Sex, not sex Slavery. Using People as sex objects is plain evil, and poisoning the minds of a culture is worse.   Objectify. Using people as; things, tools, entertainment, pleasure.  Porn is just that.  Pure Objectification.  And through this objectification many other things are happening.  Society is learning to devalue sex and connection. Or you could think of it as unlearning intimacy.  Intimacy is getting a lot worse.  Addiction of all types will affect ones ability to be intimate, especially a Sex addict.  Being a sex addict, specifically a Porn addict is a lot like having a PHD in objectification.   The amount of Hours a Porn addict has burned up pursuing their poison has made them highly efficient at objectifying people.  Some addicts might not know it but they have turned Real Life / Real-Time situations into their own Porn Movie. Fantasy world of a sex addict has no boundaries.


There are extremes in every aspect of life and addiction is a disease that is progressive. If it is not taken care of it will take you to the extremes. The more you feed it the faster you will see how extreme shit can get.


Water (-6-)

“The Giver of ALL Life.”


Almost every single person I talked to about this didn’t think it was a Good idea.   The society I live in believes we will die 3 days without water and some people said one day.  One DAY. That’s a Lie, and so many variables play into this number. Cole Robinson and Life-Regenerator Dan McDonald have both done 7 Day Dry Fasts.  Youtube it.

My Record still is a 47 hours Soft-Dry Fast.  Spitting Meditations were a fantastic addiction and I will do it every time I dry fast.  Dry. Out! The. Body…  Make an effort to push the body stretch the body and the mind together in such a unique way.  Listen to your Body.   This teaches the Will Power part of the brain, but also teaches us that water is a Pillar in our Existence.  And that is another reason why it was the perfect choice to make Woman the focus. The Feminine.


Women   (-7-)

-Why?  This was already answered.

The depth of my understanding is always changing and growing. This blog will continue to evolve as long as I am learning and pushing myself.

  • Ya, but Why?

I’m a sex addict and that is why!

I have a Ph.D in objectification and my brain has been trained! Physically changed.  Addict Brain.   I’ve said it many times and written about it. Sex addiction pervades the brain. It pervades the way I build relationships with people. It pervades the way I see the world. Addictions are a quick Fake Fix.  The worst kind of Fix, and Addicts return time and time again.

Helpless to myself, I need my Higher Power but my body, mind, brain, and thoughts are being poisoned and I can’t think clearly.  Fasting makes everything clear, and fasting for something so fundamental to my human existence that also helped me understand my addiction and my masculinity and my Femininity, was something I will never forget and I will continue to use this method as a tool in my Recovery.   The balance, inside and outside, it is a mess and I have become a sad pathetic excuse for a Man in today’s society.   Today’s society is wonderful at making us. Addicts.


Don’t be afraid.

Make change within. Fast. Pray. Meditate.   These things daily, like water, will change the world.


The more I understand my role in the world the more the world will benefit.  Fasting is the “ Tuning into the World” – the nature of things.  How we are supposed to be operating and experiencing.   I believe fasting is meant to be used to maximize our human experience.


If this Blog Post makes you mad, or upset or maybe really confused I invite you to Please read some of my other posts. Maybe I can help you understand.  Or if you have any burning questions that my site doesn’t answer feel free to contact me through my website.