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The Breathing Tree Grows.

Today marks a stupid-Long time since my last post. It has been a while, I admit. I have been quiet. Learning more about my purpose and the path ahead. I have moved my base camp to Cold Lake where I am involved in several projects. One Project that I have been...


´╗┐As I sit in my Van this Monday, March 29, I am enjoying a Fire in my stove and listening to the crackling as I do my deep breathing practice with my Weapon of choice, my Breathing Tree. Today the wind picked up. Temperatures dipped a few degrees and I am so happy to...

The Breathing Tree Testimonial #1

Hello Brothers and Sisters! I have wonderful news! The Breathing Tree is a miraculous tool that I have been so blessed to learn about and create! I have spent the last few months sharing The Breathing Tree with friends, family and foes. Not only have I been...

My Higher Power

Thank you God. What a simple miracle to witness, but a miracle all the same! Today, November 18, 2020, I busked. It was half way through the day already and my socks were wet. It was - 6 with 12 kilometre winds. Nothing too crazy but my feet were already colder than...