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As a professional musician for the last 10 years, I have seen and heard a lot of singer/songwriters.  I don’t know any other performer that expresses more love and soul as Braydon Wollman.   It is the combination of his soulful voice, his rhythm, uplifting lyrics and personality that can really turn any room of strangers into a room of friends by the end of the night.  Music is made to bring people together but not every musician can do that.  Braydon is a talent that can do it with just one song.

Ken Stead

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The Breathing Tree Grows.

Today marks a stupid-Long time since my last post. It has been a while, I admit. I have been quiet. Learning more about my purpose and the path ahead. I have moved my base camp to Cold Lake where I am involved in several projects. One Project that I have been...


As I sit in my Van this Monday, March 29, I am enjoying a Fire in my stove and listening to the crackling as I do my deep breathing practice with my Weapon of choice, my Breathing Tree. Today the wind picked up. Temperatures dipped a few degrees and I am so happy to...

The Breathing Tree Testimonial #1

Hello Brothers and Sisters! I have wonderful news! The Breathing Tree is a miraculous tool that I have been so blessed to learn about and create! I have spent the last few months sharing The Breathing Tree with friends, family and foes. Not only have I been...

My Higher Power

Thank you God. What a simple miracle to witness, but a miracle all the same! Today, November 18, 2020, I busked. It was half way through the day already and my socks were wet. It was - 6 with 12 kilometre winds. Nothing too crazy but my feet were already colder than...