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In these shoes LYRICS.  (Album)

My album doesn't have a booklet with the lyrics and people wanna know the words.  Here are the lyrics to most of the album "In These Shoes."  Enjoy. In these Shoes: See Them Shoes, they don’t fit me no more. Worn and Torn the soles are all gone, but Im still pushing...

A case of the Mondays – life as an addict

Today. Monday. March 25th.  I struggle.  I struggle with life management.  Life gets busy and I find it hard to deal with all the things I want to.  Music, relationships, work, personal health/care and trying to do what I can to make the world better. And then there...

Grateful. Meditation. Happy 2019.

Grateful. Meditation.  Today, March 16. I just finished coming back from a walk and a very nice round of Wim Hof Inspired breathing.  Today the temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius which means its not cold enough for cold therapy, but lucky for me there is piles...

November again! 2018

Fasting for november Here we are, in November already, time flys and I have been very busy, consequently not writing enough for this blog. I apologize.  But don’t let that make you believe that my absence on here means I am not creating music.  ‘WINKY EMOTICON HERE’...