I have more than just my album streaming on my website so I think it would be nice for all to know what I am singing. here are the lyrics to a few more songs

Through the Storm (demo)

This Beating heart of mine I wish that I could find I wish that I could be Free. I Got trouble trusting the things that I Cant see. Like this beating heart thats beating inside of me. it will bring you through the storm. it will show you that you are strong. Don’t forget where you’ve come from so you can shine your light on.
when I was just a child I was shown a way to live. Well now I’ve grown a man and see the words of man Spit all over me. words of selfishness and greed; love of power and money . so why oh why is this. Such Evilness.
In the darkness words cannot be seen so I’ll learn to close my eyes and listen. this will bring you through the storm . this will show you You are strong Don’t forget where you’ve come from. so you can shine Your Light on. If you’ve lost it I know you will find it . . . .

HollyHock (demo)
The Birds are singing The Fish are swimming the water is flowing the Sun is shining While I’m just sleeping the Day away . . . a Brisk breeze blowing , the green grass growin’ , theres insects crawling all over me, the Trees are breathing oxygen into my lungs while I sleep the Day away. Oooooh Im sleeping the days away X3
dreaming of you. The Golf carts stalling , the Crickets CAlling , an old man has fallen down the stairs just to see that the sky is blue.. while I sleep . .the day away a blind mans walking , a babys first talking , a mothers laughing while her children Play and I’m just sleeping the day away ooohhhh Im sleeping the day away X3 dreaming of you there’s lovers dancing , pacific Splashing , her waves are crashing Giving rhythm to my guitar while You Sleep the day away . OOOOOhhhhh YOU’re sleeping the days away X3 Yes YOU are sleeping all the days away . dreaming of me.. I’m dreaming of you. You’re dreaming of me.

– thank you Aaron S. for recording and Paul B. for the Bass. I love you.

We All Need (demo)
we all need Love. I never spent much time by the water but when I was a kid we’d brake ice in the winter with a rock and a stick. Oh its funny the things that I remember like hanging out at a bus stop in minus forty weather and cutting fire wood chop by chop by chop by the end of the night we would retire we’d LOOK UP at the Sky n’ we would feel its fire. Shining down on us, showing us the light its so bright. and all we do is fight down here, in this great big sphere great big bowl full of Gods tears. they’re raining down on me and like a disease its infected me I can see that we all need to believe this is our home from the ground below to the moon above we are one – yes its true.. and we All Need Love We all need WE all Need WE ALL NEED love Love Love and a great Big Hug.

– thanks again to Aaron S. and Paul B. for their help with these Demos.

I am working on New music, and there will be a new album A single is coming to shed light on this new art. I am working on many new songs. This is my Joy, I will never stop. I love you all. I am following the Call. Peace. Love. Joy . Harmony. For All.