Hello Brothers and Sisters! I have wonderful news! The Breathing Tree is a miraculous tool that I have been so blessed to learn about and create! I have spent the last few months sharing The Breathing Tree with friends, family and foes. Not only have I been transforming my breath and fundamentally improving my own life but I have now witnessed positive change in a growing number of people using The Breathing Tree!

The Breathing Tree helps with so many things. The List is ever growing and that brings a massive smile to my being.

The Breathing Tree is designed to Slow down the Exhale! This is the basic function of The Breathing Tree, but not it’s only function. It can be used for anxiety, rage, lowers the blood pressure, slows the heart rate, calms the body, soothes the voice, can be used for vocal therapy and rehabilitation and can be used in group settings for connection.

Deepen the lungs capacity, build awareness of the breath and develop a more intimate connection with The body.

As a Recovering Addict but more importantly, someone recovering from an intimacy disorder, I have used The Breathing Tree as a recovery Weapon and I believe it is my duty to supply this weapon to anyone who wants to make major Life changes the simple Way… remember simple Does Not mean Easy. Anyone in recovery will tell you it ain’t a walk in the Park, and I wish I had this Weapon when I was walking the Park Decades ago.

Today I begin the first of many testimonials to come.

Here is one from my Brother Albert.

“I’ve been using a The Breathing Tree to cope with daily stress and anxiety. Just a couple rounds of box breathing and I feel relaxed, centered and back in the Present. My favorite times to use The Breathing tree is at a stand still in traffic, yin yoga, after cycling and before bedtime. ”

To acquire your weapon, your very own Breathing Tree, contact me, Your Breathing Tree Brother and Friend.
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