As I sit in my Van this Monday, March 29, I am enjoying a Fire in my stove and listening to the crackling as I do my deep breathing practice with my Weapon of choice, my Breathing Tree.

Today the wind picked up. Temperatures dipped a few degrees and I am so happy to be able to have a fire in my van Now. There are so many Things I am grateful for. I have found that my life has become more stable and grounded with a consistent breathing practice and daily use of my Breathing Tree, but the original reason I discovered this was by complete accident.

The loss of my Voice (left vocal fold Lesion) in 2014 let me down a path to learn how to sing again. My new vocal rehabilitation coach gave me a straw and told me to warm up and cool down with it – to Develop a practice with it…. and so I did.

It worked so well I took it to the next level! I made my own out of white oak wood when I soon learned that plastic straws were no good. I reduced the size of the air flow hole so that the breath would sustain longer phrases thus giving ample airflow in a relaxed state creating a wonderful environment for Learning, Healing, focusing, warming up the vocals and cooling them down. “Flow-State” never sounded more amazing.

I kept this vocal practice strictly vocals for a few years not realizing I had the key to something else. Deep, slow BreathIng. It didn’t hit me till I was being sold to for this same product on my Instagram feed by multiple other companies developing a breathing apparatus for Holistic health. Boom. I began diving into my own breathing practice even more taking from the different methods I have learned over the past decade.

The Breathing Tree is made from Hard Woods. Maple, oak, walnut, Purple Heart… unfinished. No preservatives or chemicals of any kind. Wood! I recommend having it around all the time so I make them as a necklace with Hemp Wick. Nothing else. Keeping it simple.

Now let’s here from someone else

“I use the breathing tree especially with music and vocals. It’s so simple, a nice controlled exhale forcing all the air out leaving me warmed up. Also great for anxiety and reaching a more calm state. Simple design and practice with effective results!” – Benjamin @eversky_