Thank you God. What a simple miracle to witness, but a miracle all the same! Today, November 18, 2020, I busked. It was half way through the day already and my socks were wet. It was – 6 with 12 kilometre winds. Nothing too crazy but my feet were already colder than the rest of me. I mentioned to my friend, Al, that I needed fresh socks but I could tough out the set.

I already know you know what’s next. I busked and within an hour a Nice Lady dropped a bag into my case with a pair of sock and some cash. My higher power has been there for me countless times in the past, it’s up to me to take her hand and listen! She was listening to me and delivered this miracle. These type of synchronicities have become more common place the more I deepen my recovery. How do I know? My experience is my proof. I had to share this one because I had a witness and he was even more impressed with me. I do not manifest, my Higher Power guides me and delivers to me, I just need to tune in.

I tune in more than ever with my Breathing Tree. It has deepened my prayer and meditation and my focus. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Breathing Tree Can do, grab one for yourself and see what it can do for you!