Fasting for november

Here we are, in November already, time flys and I have been very busy, consequently not writing enough for this blog. I apologize.  But don’t let that make you believe that my absence on here means I am not creating music.  ‘WINKY EMOTICON HERE’

Today is November 12th. My 31st birthday was on the 10th, and It was a wonderful day that I got to spend with close friends. People that know me deeply, people in recover.

I have been living in my van since August 1st and in the month of September I was a volunteer at HollyHock Retreat and education centre on Cortes Island (West coast of Canada).

I spent the end of August; all of September and the first 5 days of October living in BC, mainly on Cortes Island and Vancouver island.   It has been the most influential time of my life. The past 4 months have been more inspiring, more educational and more adventurous that the previous 30 years.  

Back on point. Fasting.   I began my first day of travel dry fasting, and it simplified my day and opened me up for wonderful conversations with interesting people. I broke my fast that night in celebration with new friends I had made in Campbell River.   

That was the beginning of abandoning my Fasting Focused lifestyle.  While I was a volunteer at HollyHock I was eating 3 amazing Vegetarian Meals a day cooked by the HollyHock world famous Kitchen.  So, naturally, how could I resist.  I ate breakfast and lunch most days.  The change in eating effected me for a couple days. My digestion was readjusting.  

I have been back in Edmonton now for a little over a month and have been focusing on getting back into a F-F Lifestyle.   No breakfast, and usually no lunch, and if eat lunch its after 2 pm.   This is my ideal flow and I am taking it seriously. This is why I am writing this now and officially recommitting to the F-F Lifestyle.   

There are so many reasons for me Personally to fast everyday. I think I will do a blog post with a list of the reasons.  

So I just described the clock work for my I.F. but I only want to do I.F. a few days a week tops. The reason I am writing today, in November, is because of No Food November. No Porn November. No Shave November. No No No.  It is the month of abstaining, fasting.   

I am committing now.  Open ended fasting will be a regular practice in my life. Forever. And every November (fitting that it is my birth month) I will recommit to Fasting as a way of LIFE.

My Goal every November is to push my personal boundaries. Spiritual, Mental, Physical.  

My goal this November is to make 10 days on a water fast and I hope to sprinkle in a day or two of Dry-Fasting.

So let me be clear.  Some people might not understand what I mean when I say I live a Fasting Focused Life Style

  1. Hard Dry Fasting – No water contact.
  2. Soft Water Fasting – water contact is allowed
  3. Water Fasting –  Only water treated with electrolytes and periodically drinking Distilled water
  4. Intermittent Fasting – choosing a small window of time to eat all you need for the day or multiple days.

So beginning today I will attempting an Open Ended fast every day with the hopes to make each day a multi-day fast.  If I eat that night, no big deal.  The main goal is to listen to the body and learn to understand the subtle effects of fasting, resting, eating, smelling.  Being present. 

I notice when I fast, and especially during a long fast, which in my opinion is anything over 72 hours, my senses all heighten and I become more aware.  72 hours is when most people will begin to experience the effects of Ketosis. True Ketosis. 

So with that as my fundamental fasting protocol is to try and get past the 72 hour mark as much as possible while at the same time practicing self love, Compassion for all and developing awareness of my body and mind. Reclaiming the connection to the universe by Purifying the whole. Mind, Body, Spirit.

I am Braydon Riley Wollmann.


A human on the Planet “Earth” the 3rd little rock from the tiny star I know as the Sun.   

I am not perfect, and I never will be. 

Im just trying to purify my mind, and break free from the shackles of addiction.   My Blog is my story and my truth. I want to share my struggles and what I find helps. Waking up helps.  Fasting wakes people up. I invite all to experiment with it, after all, we are all human. We are all created to do this.

That is it for me today on fasting.  This month will be a new challenge and a new awareness.