My album doesn’t have a booklet with the lyrics and people wanna know the words.  Here are the lyrics to most of the album “In These Shoes.”  Enjoy.

In these Shoes:

See Them Shoes, they don’t fit me no more. Worn and Torn the soles are all gone, but Im still pushing on

In These shoes, I’ve been around. In These shoes I’ve been around but I never found Your love.


Broken Heart, I must move on.  I won’t Forget, no how could I?  I’ve learned so much about myself, the good the bad and the dark as hell.  I’m too late, I’ve lost what could be. I’ll never forget I ruined it all. Disbelief. Disbelief floats on a river of grief. You’re the thief that stole my Heart, YES you are.   And Im broken, I’m All Dried Up. I’m Nothing but a wrecked Device. and I’ve wasted upon my self, Im useless, no one will want this. Nothingness. My Own Nothingness.  

She dances:

She Dances, like she knows what she’s doing, but she doesn’t know she has no clue at all.  She’s just so young, but it runds in her veins. You can see it in the way she shakes those hips and the way she loses control oh  when the music Goes. 


It don’t matter what I play. She’ll find joy within the sounds and she’ll laugh out Loud.  Watching her, brings me peace on her, and for a little while Her Smile is the reason I’m here. 

And when I look at her I know she’s got music in her soul.

The music goes, on and on and on, for ages and ages. There is so many pages and pages and I know for sure without a song to sing I would be lost in this world.    And thats why I sing.

Your Touch:

What do I have to do to prove that I am a better man? The man you deserve.  Somethings missing, I can tell. You smile less these days, and its breaking my heart to see this way

I WANT YOU BACK.  Come Back. Come back to me. The Way we used to be. 

I need to try, thats no lie, Love takes a lot of work, oohhh but its worth every bit. Baby I swear, I’ll find our flair. Ya it went out, but I know we can get there.   I want you. back.   Come Back, come back to me. The way that we used to be.  Come back To Me.

I want your touch, the one that makes me melt, and when I look into your big blue eyes, it takes me beyond anything that I have ever felt.



Im struggling just to be Me. Im looking for an answer so I can finally see, the demons I collected and the love that I rejected. Im struggling, struggling just to be me.  Wash over me please make me new. show me a light that I can walk into

Im at war with myself.  Dealing with the Cards I been dealt. I could use another Hand, I’m so desperate for Your hands. To show me the way, like your footsteps in the Sand. Wash over me.

Still Gone:

This water run dirty. I can’t come Clean, I am so thirsty. Do you know what I mean? I won’t run no I won’t run away no more. OOH I picked up the Pieces, I threw them away. Watched them fade into, another Yesterday. I won’t complain about This burden I have built. it weighs me down so HEAVY i can feel the Earth Tilt.  To lose this shadow thats sewn to My heart. I’ll dig my own Grave Before I Fall apart.  I’ll wash these Hands of the Deeds that I’ve Done. And I Cant believe You are still Gone. I’ll take back all the roses on your grave if you take back the heart you Gave.

Rusty Nail I have pulled. From the floor that we built. I miss your footsteps. The way they danced from room to room. time to time I hear your voice call My name.  Take Me Back To the Place. Do you know the one?? Where we found us just the right spot. Where the moon met the earth and the earth felt us dance. When My hands were still clean, and your Love was enough.  To lose this shadow thats sewn to my heart, Ill dig my own grave before I fall apart. Chorus.    Bridge – You gave me your heart, and I held on for so long even after your gone I’m still holding on. You gave me your heart, and I held on for so long, you gave me your heart But I can’t hold it no more.

I Been Thinking:

I been thinking for a while now we should have a little sit DOWN. I wanna take care of you, can ya take care of me? no more worries for my Girl all my love for you’s for free. I been watching you from across the room. Thinkin about you Plus me is a Perfect two. I wanna take care of you, can ya take care of me? no more worries for my Girl all my love for you’s for free.  You take care of me, Ill take care of you. Pack your bags pretty girl and Ill take ya to the moon.   My hearts been racing for a while now. And it shows no sign of ever slowing down.   Ever since the night I met you and your eyes stopped my heart our loves been flowing like a river of Gasoline and its fuelling my Fire.  You take care of me and Ill take care of you. Pack your Bags pretty girl and I’ll take ya to the Moon.  Come on, Ill take YA.