Grateful. Meditation. 

Today, March 16. I just finished coming back from a walk and a very nice round of Wim Hof Inspired breathing.  Today the temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius which means its not cold enough for cold therapy, but lucky for me there is piles of snow still here in Edmonton Alberta.

So I went for a walk.  I walked in a field wearing shorts, Puma’s with no Socks and snow up to my shins. Then I took my Hoodies off (I still dress in layers) and threw them onto the hard snow where they seemed to float. I walked towards a shiny, hardened area where the sun was beaming off the smooth Snow perfectly and I laid down and took my shoes off and did some deep breathing.

The sun was wide open, no clouds. I remember reading somewhere that cold triggers a response in the body/skin to absorb more vitamin D or something like that. I don’t know if its true but when I think about it it makes sense. Sometimes I smoke a joint and just think about such things. 

So I did a round of deep breathing. As my back touched the snow it wasn’t as bad as I thought but it still made me breath shallow and I had to focus on my diaphragm and breath for about 10 breaths before I settled into a depth that worked. Then I felt my back begin to tell me this is too cold and it began burning.

This was a sign for me to say FUCK YOU Mind.  Which is what I want.  I am training that part of my brain. To say FUCK YOU PORN. FUCK YOU LUST. FUCK YOU SEX TRADE WORLD. FUCK YOU NEGATIVITY.

Now I begin counting my breaths. My first 10 I just focused on going a tiny bit deeper each breath. 

Then I begin playing with the exhale more and going a little more empty every 3 or so breathes. 

Breathing out Impurities.  Physical Impurities from my lungs and blood but also impurities in my mind. 

Normally I do 30 – 40 breathes and then I Exhale COMPLETELY and hold the LUNGS EMPTY as long as I can.

But lately I have begun changing my pattern a bit inspired from other meditation practices.

Once I get to breath 23 or 24 I begin spelling words that I want to shape my life. Like Love. Breathing that Word but also that energy in and out. Visualizing it.  Metta (ā) Style meditation until I am comfortable to exhale all the way for the hold. 

This style changes every time I go out.  It is spontaneous that way. Whatever I feel I need in that moment. 

A common way that I end my breathing as well is once I get close to breath 30 I begin reciting the Serenity Prayer to my breathing rhythm, which may be interpreted different each session as well. 

Once I get through the Prayer or maybe a few times then I exhale all the Way… ALL THE WAY. I will Collapse and relax and sometimes cover my nostrils. I will do nothing but observe and if observing is too much I pray. Keeping my lungs Empty.

In this state is where I have found absolute peace and freedom.   Meditation is a true power. Overlooked by the majority, sadly.   

So this is what I did today. Then I got up and enjoyed the sun.  I turned my back to the sun and let my back feel its healing power. 

Also after about breath 15 or so is when I found the cold of the snow on my skin to drastically lessen.  

I got up after only one round, normally I do a minimum of 3 rounds ending with a round of pushups on empty lungs like Wim Hoff Style. 

I walked back home and felt wonderful and positive.  Grateful. 

In so many ways.  Grateful that I can practice my own weird meditations. Grateful for the ancient practices around the world that teach self discovery and self love. Self Worth. 

I have so much that I am grateful for I am overwhelmed sometimes. It doesn’t make sense to me now.  There is much for me to learn. So many things to make sense of. Through the breath this is possible. This is a truth that brings me to meditation. 

Peace.    LOVE     L I G H T



I just finished living through one of the coldest winters on record in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Thats what I keep hearing anyway…  I don’t make promises about writing but I am hoping to do a “looking back on my first winter in a van”  – the winter I became a man… 

Also, Cannabis is legal in Canada and I have been a long time advocate for the Plant and will be more active in writing about it on my website and in my music.  Nature is beautiful and Powerful.  Truth is in nature.  Cannabis has a place in our humanity and should not be overlooked and should be respected.