“Fear has No Place Here”
– Ken Stead

Today I sat in my Van, Parked at the grocery store, staring at my mask. I could feel my heart rate go up as I put it on, and then I noticed I would hold my breath periodically. Worry with every person I see with a mask on. Why? My physiology is different when I’m out doing my Running around. How is it that such a reaction is possible? When the body reacts by reducing its lung capabilities we are operating in a fear state we are in a state of Non-Sense. Listen to the body!

But We are so detached from our body’s, how do we learn to listen???

We start with the Breath. Simple. Nothing fucking new. Breath. Slow it down. Even slower. We live so fast, way too Fast. Slow it down.

I need to slow it down so much that I built my own device to get me there. The Breathing Tree 🌳 🌲 for you and Me 🥰.

I am a student of Breath and builder of this wonderful life tool!

Please contact me if you would like a Breathing Tree