Today is Christmas, a happy day for many people. A time to indulge in the wonderful pleasantries of our senses. Taste, smell, touch and the most beneficial one, Human Connection.

I know the holidays are special so I won’t be forcing any odd opinions on you, I just want to write.

I find myself grateful for the problems I have. Too much food, too much shelter, too much comfort.   A perfect recipe for a weak immune system.  Every year I have a super hard time around the holidays to stay in the Fasting Focused life style. I must throw my “give-a-fucks” out the window, or at least cut myself a little slack. IF (intermittent Fasting) is my go to protocol when I am supposed to be eating socially. I always try and push the eating window as late as I can, like right now, I am fasting, but I can tell I am not in ketosis. I haven’t mastered Ketone Adaption yet, but this is a Life Long lifestyle and I believe, in time, it will work itself out.

If you’re reading this and you’ve never heard some of the fasting terms I have used already I invite you to google search Intermittent fasting, Water fasting and Juice Fasting.  I’m a big believer in Pure Water Fasts, and I base my life around them now.   I prefer the minimum 50 hours a couple times a week. I have developed my own fasting protocols over the past 5 years, although I have not mastered it yet and still fall victim to my food addiction, fasting has allowed me to grow and become stronger in many aspects of my life.

Like I said in the past, and I will emphasizes again now, I am not a doctor. I am not a professional and everything I write about is based on my personal experience and my own research.

I believe strongly that everyone on the planet has the ability to Fast for extended periods. You must practice with caution and Listen to your body. That is key. The more you fast the more you are able to listen to your body and develop a more in-depth understanding of yourself.

I must emphasize for a complete healing experience and to acquire maximum benefits from fasting a prayer and meditation regiment is vital.  Incorporating meditation, prayer, and fasting is powerful. Also, for deeper understanding and spiritual growth I try to Journal, although I haven’t been successful in implementing Journaling into my daily life, I have had great insight when I do utilize journaling.

I haven’t done a complete day of fasting for a few days now. I haven’t felt the effects of ketosis. I also have had a sky rocketing spike in Caloric intake, much of which are from Carbs. Christmas Carbs are the worst. So starting on December 28th 2017 I will return to a Water-Fasting lifestyle beginning with an OPEN ENDED fast.  Only water. On days I think I need it I will treat my water with the necessary electrolytes.

My longest Water fast was done quite recently. I fasted for 8 days in November. I was also working during this time. I am a carpenter in a wood Shop and I also worked out (resistance training) and played recreational indoor soccer.   I pushed my body through some intense physical and mental resistance but I actually didn’t DIE. My body handled the stress unlike past Fasts I had done. Before I knew about monitoring my electrolytes.

Cole Robinson, creator of the Snake Diet Protocol, has some wonderful videos on Youtube about treating your water with Electrolytes to prevent electrolyte deficiency which can lead to some horrible symptoms when fasting. If you are like me and want to benefit from water Fasts but still have to use your body and mind; like going to work and the gym and dealing with your family then I highly recommend you learn about electrolytes. Potassium and Sodium are Vital for life. Look it up.

Here is the link. From this link it should be fairly easy to find answers to most of your questions.

I’m going to Jump back on the fasting wagon shortly after Christmas and if you read this within the coming days I invite you to Join me! Or if you read this in months or years to come I invite you to join me!  Send me a message, we can go on a fasting journey together and learn about our inner Truth the Way God intended us to.   Fasting is so perfectly designed to enhance the human experience. You have nothing to Lose and so Much to Gain.

We, the people in western, “first World” capitalist society have become slaves to a system, or myriad of interlocking systems that are, by design, to make us weak and dependent on a consumer based “economy” that takes away our health and wellness, longevity, and hard earned money.  Fasting is something fairly simple that EVERYONE can access to Evolve to the next level. I like to think of it as becoming more holy… or Whole-y.

Healing of all types can be realized with fasting, and it’s free and easy to implement. If you truly have the desire to elevate your whole health then all the difficulties of transforming your life into a Fasting Focused lifestyle will be overshadowed by the tremendous benefits. Heal your DNA, increase your life span, and eradicate disease.  Those are just a few of the Physical Benefits and the hard-scientifically-proven ones.   I encourage all to turn inward to trust your Body and trust Nature.  Learn to develop your intuition and be a part of what you are already in. The universe. Fasting breaks down the barriers between our body and minds and our minds and our spirits. Become more connected to yourself and everything around you.

Peace, Love, Namaste

Braydon R.W.