Cannabis is my Love Language

When I was in DARE, the police man told me it was a Gate Way drug!!!! Drug??? Like those pills 💊 pumped with highly addictive opioids? Or worse, a drug like Sugar added to processed foods to hook our brains.

My definition of a drug is: a substance that is manipulated into isolation to use high concentrations to counter unwanted symptoms. Usually this substance end up in a Pill, or needle, and will alter the body in numerous ways, usually resulting in multiple harmful side effects. Most of this is due to the fact that it is highly unnatural and our bodies are dealing with “toxicity” this in turn makes mucus and inflammation which in turn creates an environment for disease.

Cannabis is a plant, when taking it fully there is synergy. Nutrients, minerals, terpenes, energy, consciousness. When I consume cannabis it is ritualistic. The spirit of the Plant and the Spirit of I are intertwining. There is a communion between the plant and I. The Plants and Us.

Open. How open are you? It is time to
Open more. See, Plants are older than any civilization. The earth is older than all of us and the Sun is the oldest! Why must I separate myself From them? They have survived the longest and they are the reason I survive.

Cannabis is apart of the bio structure of this planet, and in its Pure state, a weed, is more powerful than any modern, man-made “medicine”.

More people need to open themselves to the power of plant medicine and come to live within the inter-connectivity of all.

Blessed be this Day

Blessed be the joints that we smoke.

Blessed be the plants that we use.

Grateful I am to be a part of such beauty.

PS. Here, is my Breaking Bud with I Vlog. I intertwine myself with the sacred smoke and Toke and talk. Breaking my ego down one joint at a time. ✌🏽💕🌄

This is the link