It is time to take my healing to another level. What better time than Love Month.


Before I get into the W3 concept I want to give a little bit of a backstory; A sliver of Familial History. I am fortunate to say I have an older sister, Seven Years older. I definitely know without a doubt I would be a completely different person without her. I would wager that maybe I’d be a far worse person not having one; but two female role models in my life. My mother and my sister. I am 3rd born out of 4 kids, all men against the two.  Do you follow?? they were strong females who ran shit and got shit done.

The Feminine energy must have influenced mine and maybe that’s what brought me to music. Maybe. .  . but again, I am always digressing.

Now, let’s get back to the present, aint nothing better than right now. Now! I am an addict. One of my addictions is of the sexual variety.  So how does this affect me?  It most definitely perverts my relationship with the opposite sex, but it also pervades every relationship I have, especially if I am living a double life.  No secrets. That is a priority if you want to stay in recovery. Brutal and rigorous honesty is necessary.

So I’ll be Brutally fucking HONEST.  Porn has changed my brain. Sex addiction has grown like cancer in my brain.  Like Cancer.  Sickness. Dis-EASE.  Now I have Addiction Goggles on.

The new filter for my reality; an old and cracked Water logged piece of Snake shit.  Yes, the kind of shit that snakes make.  These goggles are training the brains of Millions to reduce their masculinity to a COMPUTER SCREEN Romance.  The more you Objectify the more you become the Objectifier????  Yes! We are unwillingly training ourselves to be entitled, asshole, perverts. The Brain science on this is fascinating. Learned non-use is a real thing as well as Learned use, or just learning; Like learning to Only Be sexually aroused by a computer screen and not during real intimacy with A Real Person. This is demonstrated in the movie, DON JON.  Porn induced Erectile Dysfunction (google it). Millennials are breaking all sorts of records.

These goggles are being put on by the masses.  I know I am not alone, and that’s a great feeling.

So let us get back on track. My inherent respect for the feminine energy has been perverted and compromised.   I can’t speak for all men, but I know it’s a common problem. I pray and Meditate every day for healing.  Cleansing. Restoration. Balance. Sickness is of the body and mind, affecting the connection to your soul. My brain has been made sick. So below is what I plan to do about it.

I did My Longest Dry Fast this past Wednesday, NO WATER. I went 23.5 hours. I came to the conclusion that night that I wanted to do it every Wednesday during February, for Love Month, as my sister would call it. Her birthday is on the 14th Yes a Valentines Baby.


So Naturally I wanted to Sacrifice Water on Wednesday for Women.


When we sacrifice something for a purpose we become ultra aware of ourselves and that purpose.  Our deepest part.

With fasting; Prayer and Meditation I become awake. This combination is so intense and Powerful. Believe me, slaying demons is best fasted.

Today’s normalized objectification of the sexes is everywhere.  There isn’t a single person today not affected by it (North America and beyond).  Marketing today is focused on selling sex in a multitude of ways.

Porn has TAUGHT the men of today to be more entitled than ever before.   Our idea of masculinity has become perverse and disconnected from love and connection.

Every Wednesday starting today (January 31, 2018) for all of February, the Love Month, I will Dry Fast along with deepening my meditation and Prayer.  My focus will be on healing my sexuality and the sexuality of our world.

I will Dry Fast Every Wednesday for the Woman that have guided me and shaped me. HOW Grateful I am for you; and for all the Woman I have objectified and used to satisfy my addictions, I am sorry and I will be better.

Women are water, vital for our survival and without them life would be dry…  So I Will give up water every Wednesday this February 2018.


PS. This isn’t an original idea.  Fasting for objectified people has been around for a while already. #pornkillslove #fightthenewdrug

“God, Creator, my maker and my connection to all that is, I humbly ask that you take away my selfishness and wash away my self destructive ways.  Bring me closer to you. Let me Live in Your Love and share it with the world, Your world.

Restore my masculinity.  Give me strength to stand up for all who suffer.

Heal my sexuality. Allow my healing to show others that A pure heart, mind, and soul is attainable.

Wash away the evil that lingers in me.

I pray for all the Woman and anyone I have objectified.  Bring them peace and protection.  Wash them with your universal Love. I offer up my sacrifice of fasting to the woman that have influenced my life and to those I have objectified.  Restore balance to our sexuality.”



“God, Grant me Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference. “ – Serenity Prayer


If you made it this Far you are awesome

Peace be with you. Namaste