I currently sit on a recumbent stationary Bike in the Gym where I can escape the early morning heat.  Here in Edmonton Alberta, these coming days it is forecasted to be record-breaking heat.   It is 9:15 am and I’m sweating like a mad man already.  The heat of the van is unbearable by 8 am.

The radio yesterday said we could expect 36 Celsius but this screen shot shows that we will barely get 32.  So maybe I’m wrong to think it will get to 36 (record for Edmonton is 37 Celsius).
Regardless of the record being broken, this heat and sunshine isn’t so good for my current living arrangement.  It’s unbearable to be inside my van, but that’s a small price to pay.  The van is where I sleep and practice my music, weather permitting.   Being in Edmonton I know there’s tons of park land for me to explore and use.
So anyways, let’s move past the small talk BS.  I made it one month and I’m still here.  I’m still a Van-Lifer.  So what have I learned ?
What was my biggest challenge ?
Well, I think I’ve adjusted quite well.  No major complaints.  I did a lot of YouTube surfing on Van-Life and minimalism for several months before the big day.  I definitely could of purged a few more things before move-in day but moving is always a Shit-Show so I expected that.
I’ve learned that I am ok with a lot less.  More things equals more distractions.   I believe even more now that us Humans are meant to be unattached.  I’m still on the journey of minimalism, like any life long practice, it is a continuum.  But I junked a lot of things, and I currently have a few things stashed at friends and family storage, not a whole lot but I still need to do some purging and some serious meditation to see what is most important for me.
I have just begun this journey but it has shown me so much already.  I think because of my fasting practice that I have already begun this journey 5 years ago.  Fasting, fundamentally is a form of minimalism.   Living on my own Flesh.  Rejecting outside nutrition and trusting** Nature. Wholesome wellness.
Practicing fasting, engaging in a Fasting Focused lifestyle has prepared me in many ways.  Because I like to push boundaries with my fasting it has also opened my eyes to different types of fasting and alternative lifestyles that the mainstream doesn’t know about; acknowledge; and in some cases rejects.
I like to follow people on YouTube who experiment with alternative methods and have real Experience to she’s wisdom on.  There is a growing alternative, underground health movement that has shown me great promise and truth.  Cole Robinson, Elliot Hulse, Dan – LifeRegenerator; and Bob CheapRVLiving on YouTube.
Those names and so many more have given me a great start to figuring out what changes I can make in my life.
Aligning my purpose with nature.  That is how I look at it and I feel the more removed from nature we become the further we grow from our natural purpose.  Purpose that heals.
I’ve gained so much more time for Me as well.  Time to practice, time to chill, time to pray.  Time to align with reality.  The reality of the universe.
Back on track.  Im living in a bare-Bones van.  I have a queen size bed set up in it and that takes up almost all the standing space.  But I still have a little area for standing/changing.
I have no bathroom.  Yes, I have a stash of bottles for emergencies and if a “deuce” needs dropping I go out! But I’ve dialled in my intermittent fasting and my dumps are timed in my favour.  I’m not perfect but I’m trying my hardest to live this Fasting focused life style.  It is a big transition so I must be cautious and enjoy the process.
That being said, that is among my biggest difficulties transitioning.  Not because it’s hard, it’s adjusting to new comforts.  Also, finding shade to park in is harder than I originally thought but not impossible and having ear plugs is very handy.  I have no windows so stealth camping is much easier, so far I have had no troubles.
Once I get the Van insulated Van-Life will be a whole new level of comfort. But I am willing to push my boundaries of comfort.   I don’t know when I’ll be getting insulation done.
That’s the reason why this transition has been pretty good so far.  I want it.  I am willing to try new things.  I’m open.
So this was a good update!  Done by phone.   Till next time
Peace Love Light
#Vanlife. Braydon