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My favorite Edmonton Album 2017

So, the Edmonton Music awards just happened on June 28th at the Windspear in Edmonton. Celebrating the music of local artists. I was supposed to go, I had a ticket and was up for a Peoples Choice Award but because the end of the month was so insane for me I had to...

June 24, 2018 Van Life Begins

It has been a good chunk of Time since I wrote a blog post. I have been busy, real busy! And I don’t own a computer… what?!?!?! In 2018 I don’t have a computer. It is true and it makes it a little hard to stay motivated to write. So I need to fill you in! I am going...

A Prayer for Healthy Sexuality

This is a Prayer I am trying to memorize.  I wrote it, and it speaks to the heart of my trouble as a Man on this Planet in this UNIVERSE. “God, Creator, my maker and my connection to all that is, I humbly ask that you take away my selfishness and wash away my self...

Reflecting Back on No Water Wednesday For Woman

No Water for Women Wednesday.  During Love Month, February, 2018.   I will start with saying that this is, BY FAR, the most intense thing I have ever done in my life, and I promise myself to continue the rest of my life incorporating DRY Fasts. I believe there...


It is time to take my healing to another level. What better time than Love Month.   Before I get into the W3 concept I want to give a little bit of a backstory; A sliver of Familial History. I am fortunate to say I have an older sister, Seven Years older. I...