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Fasting & Holidays. 1st world Problems.

Today is Christmas, a happy day for many people. A time to indulge in the wonderful pleasantries of our senses. Taste, smell, touch and the most beneficial one, Human Connection. I know the holidays are special so I won’t be forcing any odd opinions on you, I just...

Love. Addiction. Fasting.

Love. Addiction. Fasting.

My life has been a series of bouncing from one addiction to another. As far back as I can remember I've been dealing with negativity in my life with unhealthy behavior. My food addiction, I can say now, has been a part of my life more than it hasn’t and My early...

My Debut Album: In These Shoes – the back story

Now that its official, and I am now a blogger, I am going to attempt with all my might to keep a consistency to the frequency of my posts. My last post laid out what my mission statement is and I will go back to the topic of addiction and recovery throughout the...

My First Blog Ever. My Mission Statement

Here it goes, my first Blog post.  I have had a slow go at getting my website running.  Also, having a difficult time figuring out what its roll and purpose should be in my musical career. After all, I have a very specific understanding of my existence and the skills...